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President's Comments

 2019-2020 President
 Thomas Houle NICE
 Director of Food & Nutrition 
 Nashoba Regional School District




Keeping it Real in School Nutrition:
Real Food-Real People-Real Fun

As we start this year’s adventure in School Nutrition I would be remiss if I did not take a minute to thank all of you for your support as I journeyed from Vice President to now President. I am honored to be in this position. 

In June 2019 we continued planning our Strategic Goals for the 19-20 year at the Board of Directors Retreat held at Patriot Place in Foxborough. We based our plans on this year’s theme, Keeping it Real in School Nutrition as well as the SNA National’s goals. Throughout the 2 days of meetings the Board worked diligently to transform brainstorming into actual programs and goals that will begin to take form, and even come to fruition, this year and will continue to grow with new officers in the coming years.

This year will prove to be a most exciting year as we look to continue bringing REAL FOOD to use in our programs and look for connections within our local area/market to make this happen. We will also break ground with the beginning of an innovative marketing campaign to share all we do as School Nutrition professionals to the REAL PEOPLE we serve; the students, parents and staff of our districts. We hope to help them realize that we in the industry are REAL PEOPLE and REAL Professionals. 

Finally, we are continuing to look at what we do and how and why it can be, and is, REAL FUN!! This one is my favorite part! I ask each of you to think about what we do.  We get to serve kids, as my friend Maureen G. Mulvaney says, “one 5 star meal at a time”. What could be better than feeding students and staff the nutritional meals they need to teach and learn?

I have been in School Nutrition in one way or another for my entire career. From Catering manager at Merrimack College to Director of Food & Nutrition at Nashoba Regional School District (with a 2 year sales stint at New England Ice Cream tucked in between.) I am committed to bringing my 25+ years of School Nutrition experience to SNA of Mass, and all of you.  I am truly passionate for what I do which is serving the students of the Nashoba District the most appealing, nutritious and delicious meal options possible, and now serving all of you as president of SNA of Mass.

Finally I ask each of you to look at the letters after my name in the introduction. Some of you may have already seen them and wondered what it stands for. We often see RD, SNS, PHD, MS and so on after names. These letters represent the person prior to the letters credentials. Something I try to live by each day and is rather easy. Try to be NICE, to your students/customers, to your coworkers, to your boss, to everyone. It will make the day go by so much faster.

This year’s ANC speaker, Ashley Rhodes-Carter was quite a presenter and she left the audience with this closing remark, “Everyone deserves someone in their lives who knows the color of their eyes”.

Please think about that and maybe be that person for someone (student, staff, parent, anyone).

Thank you all for all you do!

Tom Houle
President, SNA of Mass.


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