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Member Home

Welcome to SNA of Massachusetts Member Home! Here, you'll find information about your SNA of Mass. members, quick links to important features on our website, and resources to help you in your career as a school nutrition professional. 

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Member Information

SNA of Mass. Approved Bylaws (Rev. October 2018)

Bylaws are the overarching rules and regulations by which an organization operates. They represent an agreement between the organization and its membership about how the organization is managed and run. 

Policies & Procedures Manual (Rev. May 2015)

This manual is intended to assist the Executive Board and members in interpreting and carrying out official duties on behalf of SNA of Mass.. It defines the responsibilities of each officer, clarifies the procedures for conducting association business and indicates pertinent policies consistent with the Bylaws and Board policies. 

Annual Meeting Minutes  

The Annual Meeting is a time for SNA of Mass. members to hear updates from our leadership about the business and operations of our state association, and it's an opportunity to provide input on new initiatives via a vote. The Annual Meeting is held each year during our Fall Conference. The minutes below are records of each past meeting.

201720162015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011

Meet Your Leaders

SNA of Mass. is led by a dedicated Board of Directors who give their time to help us work towards achieving our mission every day. Click here to view the current members of the Board.    

Board Resources

Board Members can access resources at the private,board-members-only page.

Board Only Page



What's Happening Blast

Be on the lookout for our weekly What's Happening blast, sent to all members every Wednesday morning during the school year. This important communication features information on upcoming events, application deadlines, and other statewide and local chapter news.  

Chapter Pages

SNA of Mass. has 5 chapters throughout the state, and each member is assigned to a chapter based on their address. Click here for a list of towns and their associated chapters. You can visit your chapter page by clicking on the icon on your chapter's icon on our homepage. Your chapter page will include information on upcoming chapter events, resources shared by your peers, and the contact information for your Chapter Delegate and Delegate Elect, who you can reach out to should you have any questions.    

Volunteer for SNA of Mass.

We are always looking for new ways for our members to get involved with SNA of Mass. as volunteers. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved as a volunteer. Are you interested in a leadership position on the Board of Directors of SNA of Mass? If so, click here to learn more about Board positions and to apply today. 

Website How To Guide

Are you new to the SNA of Mass. website? Click here to view our how-to guide to get familiar with how to navigate our site.


Past Conference Handouts 

  2019 Fall Conference  2019 USDA Conference

Annual Meeting Agenda & Annual Work Presentation

Year in Review

SNA Update

DESE Update

Leadership Journey

My Heroes

Fletcher Farm

Worcester Regional Food Hub

New England Dairy Panel

World Farmers

President's Welcome

From Survey to Loading Dock

DESE Update, Rob Leshin

Handout - Processing checklist - From Survey to Loading Dock

Handout - Sample Summary End Data Product Schedule - From Survey to Loading Dock

Handout - Tips for Handling USDA Food Common Issues - From Survey to Loading Dock

Cooking Demo Handout - Chocolate Bar

Cooking Demo Handout - Golden Granola

 2018 Fall Conference  2018 USDA Conference

Hanging out with Generation Z - Presentation
Mass DESE Federal and State Program Update - Presentation
2018-2019 Priority Issues - Presentation
Proposed Bylaws Changes - Presentation
2017-2018 President's Year in Review - Presentation

2017 Fall Conference   2017 USDA Conference 

Food Trends - Presentation  
Federal and State Program Update - Presentation 
Block Grants - Presentation 
Year in Review - Presentation
2017-18 Priority Issues - Presentation 
Bylaws Changes - Presentation 

Welcome to the 2017 SNA of Massachusetts
USDA Conference
- Presentation
Creating a Positive Work Environment - Presentation
USDA Foods in Massachusetts SY
- Presentation
Federal and State Updates to the School
Nutrition Programs
- Presentation

2016 Fall Conference  2016 USDA Conference 

Secret Tech Weapons - Presentation
Cool Content Tools - Handout
Recipe for Effective Communication - Handout
Personality Profiles - Presentation
Personality Profiles Test - Handout
Recipe Writing - Presentation 
DESE Update - Presentation
Bylaws Changes - Presentation
2015-2016 Year in Review - Presentation
Priority Issues 2016-2017 - Presentation 

Understanding Agriculture 101 - Presentation 
Massachusetts Farm to School 
- Presentation 
No Directors Allowed
- Session Summary
2015 Fall Conference  2014 Fall Conference  

Growing Your Online Brand - Presentation 
Dayle Hayes - Iceberg - Handout
Sensory Nutrition - Presentation 
Show Me the Money - Presentation 
DESE Update - Presentation 
Sharing Powerful Nutrition Messages - Presentation 
SNA Advocacy - Presentation 
Bylaw Changes - Presentation 
SNA Priority Issues 2015 - 2016 - Presentation 
SNA Year in Review 2014 - 2015 - Presentation

ANC Boston 2014 - Presentation 
Federal & State Updates - Presentation
Professional Standards - Presentation 
Wellness Policies DESE - Presentation
Wellness Policies USDA - Presentation                         


Other Resources

Do you have an idea for something you'd like to see on the SNA of Mass. website and on our Member Home
Click here to let us know!   


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